Does your self defense system work in the dark? Ours does!


The reality is that most attacks occur in less than ideal lighting.  Take for example parking lots, garages, stairwells, bars, etc… all places not known for their quality illumination.  To put it simply, if there is less light there’s more places to move or hide unnoticed and more opportunity for an ambush.  If we neglect to make low/altered light environments part of our training, then we leave a massive hole in our “combative armor” that can and will be exploited by those who would do us harm.  We need to know that the movements we use will function under these conditions, so we must also train that way.  With this in mind, the A.C.W.A. World HQ, as well as many of it’s branches, utilize a light and/or laser setup to give their students this opportunity.  By adding some visual confusion to our training program,  we can illustrate that one cannot be solely dependent on seeing everything and that the ideas of timing and articulate movements go out the window pretty quickly.  Training like this drives home our philosophy of “Cover * Crash * Counter-Attack” as those are the concepts that function well when you can no longer clearly see.  Doing anything else simply opens you up for far too many opportunities for failure.

Once you train under these conditions a few times they will no longer bother or affect you.  Are you training like this from time to time in your martial art or reality-based system? If not, why not? Add low light training to your “Combative Multitool,” and gain the confidence that you can cope with this very real variable if life decides to throw it at you.  If you’d like to see what we have to offer in this area, give us a call today: 469-939-2462 and we’ll schedule you to come in for a no risk free trial class.

In the mean time, the You Tube clip below shows a few of the lighting effects we use at A.C.W.A. World HQ to train club, concert, bar situations.  Resolution is set to non HD for bandwidth reasons, but is available in HD as well (and looks better that way).


Train hard, stay safe,

Justin J. Everman


Founder, A.C.W.A.


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