Why we train in Blue Jeans & a Paradigm shift

ACWA_TrainingThe Oxford English Dictionary defines the basic meaning of the term paradigm as “a typical example or pattern of something” and wearing Blue Jeans for training is a Paradigm shift for many people.  It’s breaking from the norm to many, (just like us not using mats is, but that is for a later post) but it honestly shouldn’t be if your training to deal with the issues you face in the real world!

Let me start this off by saying that we are not one for tradition, our core care about is reality based self defense and that means we will do what it takes to get home safe, simple as that.  Because of this mindset, we strive to make all training reflect the reality of the world we live in, clothing and its use and limitations is no exception to that philosophy.

To clarify, there is nothing wrong with you wearing a Gi if your studying a traditional martial art, but if your going to study the street, then you need to train how you live and that’s not in a traditional uniform. You owe it to yourself to train in a t-shirt, blue jeans and shoes and see how that changes what your used to doing. It’s often a wake up call when movement is harder, legs cannot move or kick as easily and I’m not even going to get to how shoes affect people who are not used to training with them on!

So why Blue Jeans?

1) They will save your legs: We climb the body in training, pull tug and rake in our movements. Jeans prevent your legs or the hair on them, from getting pulled on. It’s a safety consideration for one.

2) They don’t rip easily: Denim is solid when grabbed and pulled on, it lasts much longer than other materials. You don’t want to go though an outfit each time you train!

3) No depanting: Having a sturdy pant helps you not loose them during training. Sweat pants, yoga pants, shorts, etc… can easily be pulled off you so we don’t allow those. On this point alone jeans are just a good idea.

4) They Fit: If you had to wear a traditional GI pant, you would have to get it tailored to fit right. You can simply just go buy jeans off the shelf for much cheaper and without the additional cost of fitting. This way instead of buying a formless one size fits most “martial arts pant,” you can get some jeans that fit you perfectly and you have 1000′s of choices, not just 1 or 2 to pick from.

5) You have them: I don’t believe I’ve ever met someone without at least 1 pair of jeans. That means it’s a low to no cost training outfit for you and you’re ready to go from the first day you call us to come check out a class!

6) They are normal: People wear jeans in the real world, that’s just normal.  We want to train how we live and live how we train! You want to cultivate the mindset that your always aware and ready as you go thought your normal life so train wearing normal things, simple as that.

7) Restriction: If you can train in jeans then you can move in anything else you wear! It’s key to understand how clothing may restrict our ability to move and operate in certain ways. This is one of the things we realize in wearing jeans, how they fit changes what options we can consider.

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Stay safe,
Justin J. Everman


Founder, A.C.W.A.

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