In the Lion’s eyes, what type of Gazelle are you?

lion-the_chaseThe lion does not look for the most fit, fastest, most alert Gazelle to hunt and eat, that’s just to much work. The lion looks for the Gazelle who is slower, or  one that’s unaware of the lion’s presence and can easily be taken by surprise… other words, easy prey. So which are you, the former or the latter? What group would others put you in? Does the way you stand, walk, sit, dress, speak, move, etc…communicate confidence to others or are you outwardly showing that you lack a sense of self worth or your shy or your just completely unaware of the world around you (example: texting and walking around)?

I find that those who give off “prey” signals seldom realize they are doing it and that’s a bad thing. The first step in awareness is having the awareness of yourself, knowing what signals your giving off to the outside world.  A simple test is that if  your saying “why is it always me”  in any aspect of your life then you might be sending out some very wrong signals to others.  FIX THAT NOW as if your the wrong type of Gazelle, you might become lunch one day.

Learn the skills to be a hard target….not prey for a predator.

Stay safe,

Justin J. Everman


A.C.W.A. Founder

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