A.C.W.A. Distance Learning Program Announced




A.C.W.A. Distance Learning Program

If you want to train A.C.W.A. Combatives, but there are no certified A.C.W.A. Instructors in your area, the Distance Learning Program is the perfect solution for you! Now you can form your very own A.C.W.A. training group! As the training coordinator, you will have access to teaching manuals, 24 weeks of lesson plans, a Live Streaming Video Training Event and more. Connect with other training groups via a members only Facebook page and even ask training questions of the A.C.W.A. Top Team. We are here to help you grow!

Distance Learning Program Member benefits:

  • Learn a cutting edge combatives and personal defense system
  • 24 Weeks of written lesson plans
  • Instructor Green Level 9 manual with illustrations
  • Secure Live Streaming Video Training Broadcast
  • Ebooks and Training aids
  • Little to no gear is needed and you can train anywhere
  • Ongoing support and material updates
  • Optional startup guidance, marketing info and consulting available

For more information see our website at: http://www.combativewarriorarts.com/distancelearningprogram.html



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