Mindset and Training for Reality


Training for Reality

Its 3 AM, you hear glass breaking…someone has broken into your home.  You think to yourself, “should have set that alarm”…because it would be at least something making noise!   A dark shadow of 2 men can be seen moving across the wall as they make their way though your home. Then it happens, they come into the bedroom where you are.  Nothing good comes next, they are there to hurt you. Now what?

Reality sets in:

No one really wants to think about this, but that does not change the reality. In fact 1000′s of other situations occur as well where someone is there to cause you bodily injury.  The fact is that there are monsters among us.  When faced with these situations, what would you do? Could you hurt them if need be?  Can you train for this, if so how? What would allow us to safety build a skill set that we could rely on?

Mindset is critical:

Today, I’m talking about the mindset of survival and how it translates into training.  This is the base that all self defense needs to built on.  It is the willingness to do what you need to get out of a situation.  It is the power behind your attacks.  It is the deciding factor of most physical altercations regardless of skill.  As instructors, we all too often meet people who want to learn, but lack the ability or confidence to be aggressive when they need to.  Even if the technique looks good, sometimes to learn to swim, you have to get in the pool.  This is the difference between experiential learning and only going through the motions.  Between fighting and dancing.  If the will is not there, the technique alone won’t save you, it IS THAT CRITICAL.

Training with resistance:

So that’s the problem, how do we fix it?  The answer is active resistance.  After working with a fully compliant partner to get the feel for what you’re doing, the partner begins resisting.  The next time they resist more, then more, and so on until a safe maximum is reached.  This resistance forces an incremental increase in effort, which turns into assertiveness and confidence in the skill.  If you go a little farther and throw on some gear, scenario drills provide the closest test you can get to the real thing! Even if 10o% power is not there, the intention MUST BE to get good quality, real training value from the situation.

“Train with your heart behind what you’re doing and it will come out when you need it.”


Luke Brown

A.C.W.A. Instructor

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