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urbanchaosNeed Practical Solutions?

Join us for Phase 1 of the Urban Crisis Survival Training (U.C.S.T.) and get some practical advice about what to do in a crisis situation. NO CRAZY, COSTLY, OVERBOARD STUFF, just what you need to know to protect and provide for yourself and those you love.


Phase 1 Workshop Contents:
• Simple solutions you can implement TODAY at a relatively low cost.
• Hands on “show and tell” presentation format & printed take home gear/food/supply list.
• Why leaving town might not even be an option and what you can do about it.
• We will address water and food storage needs.
• Learn various ways to cook without power and actually build a sold state heat source in class.
• We will cover security & medical concerns + some unique solutions.
• Learn what items disappear first in a crisis and what one item you should never trade.
• Learn what the most valuable thing to have in a crisis is and why, hint, it’s not gold or ammo.
• Understand what the grayman protocol is and why it’s key to your survival.
• Much much more….


Training Events:
(Reserve a time slot that works best for you)
• Phase 1 – Sat Oct 18th,  9AM-1PM
• Phase 1 – Sat Nov 15th,  1PM-5PM


Prepaid Cost: 
• $100 for A.C.W.A. members
• $115 nonmembers
• Free for Elite members & Instructors
• Hurry, cost goes up $20, 1 week prior to each event


Reserve Your Spot:
• Space is limited so call: 469-939-2462 or email info@UrbanCrisisSurvivalTraining.com


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