Women’s Self Defense Seminars!

We have been inundated with seminars as of the past 2 months. With all the girls going to school here the demand for our seminars has been at an all time high. We love that these groups are taking proactive action to keep themselves safe!

Our seminars are designed to give each group the maximum value in the minimum amount of time.  We start by dispelling some common myths about self defense (we also discuss the problems with pepper spray and WHY YOU SHOULD NOT DEPEND ON IT).  We will demonstrate how to preserve your personal space both verbally and physically.   Low light, confined spaces, even more than one attacker can be dealt with using what we will teach in this 2 hour event. We even discuss how our body language alone (how we hold ourselves, how we stand and how we move) can put us in or take us out of a victim pool.  The simple tools we teach here can be learned by anyone and will give them the ability to protect themselves in a multitude of situations.  Knowledge is power!

Just tonight we worked with about 30 girls from NCL who did a great job!


NCL-2 NCL-3If your group would like to book a seminar/workshop with us just give us a call (469-939-2462) and we’d be happy to discuss options and opportunities with you.

Train hard, stay safe,


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