Why you need both Mental & Physical Training

The mind drives the body (and at times, the body can also drive the mind). They are separate, but interlinked at the same time so they both play a crucial part in your personal protection. Any art, system, method, etc… that neglects to develop your mind as well as your body is only really tapping into half(or less) of your actual potential. Even worse, if one does not integrate psychology and brain engagement into ones training you miss out on a major self-protection tool and a key combative range falls from your grasp.

Unfortunately most people don’t include the psychological range in their training. This is a potentially dangerous omission as we will likely interact within this range before we get to the physical ranges (see our e-book on pre-fight cues for more information on this topic). Kicking, punching, infighting, grappling, are normally understood ranges by others, but most inexplicably leave out the psychological range, luckily we don’t.

For example, what if you received a call from a blocked number and answered it. Someone on the other side of the phone then says “wouldn’t it be funny if you found a bunch of ball bearings in your yard the next time you were mowing.” This is what’s known as a veiled threat, it’s a mental manipulation and an attack from the psychological range. The person might be serious or just “messing with you” but no matter the reason, the effect is the same. You have to now worry about and take some action to confirm there are not steel balls in your grass waiting to fly at you while mowing your grass. This call might have come from anywhere in the world so it’s range is limitless.  Other examples may simply be a look you get from across the room, or a person yelling from 10 feet away, all of this is mental input and it can and does affect us so we need to study it or we will be manipulated by it.

Over the years the A.C.W.A. has put considerable effort and study into understanding how the brain works, learns and operates under the threat of violence. We have now  included the outcomes of this cognitive neuropsychology research into our training as it offers a massive value to our student base. These tools set us up for success, development of proper mindset, increased awareness, confidence and even unlocks the door to understanding how we can control & manage pain.  Better training though science! Needless-to-say, it is a must that we train both mind and body and we are happy to be one of the few systems that can actually deliver this to you.


Train hard, stay safe,


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