A.C.W.A. World Conference 2014

The A.C.W.A. held it’s First Annual World Conference this last Saturday in Richardson, TX.


Taking Care of Business:  The AM session was for Instructors only and concentrated on how to write and use marketing correctly to build your business and ways to expose your internal reality to the outside world.  We spoke about methods of effectively educating people as to what we do and the benefits we have to offer. We also covered a new bully defense presentation that is now being rolled out. Lunch was catered by the Hilton (they had a great fajita bar) and we spent sometime socializing and networking.


Guest Speaker:  Tim Dodd from Patriot Protection was our guest speaker.   Patriot is our joint venture partner as our two companies are very complementary. This was a great opportunity for the students and instructors to learn more about personal protection as applied to firearms and the training that Patriot has to offer as well.  We believe in LAYERS of defense!


ELITE Academy Award:  Texas Defense Academy (TDA) – Was presented with the Elite Level Academy certificate.  We have high quality standards for this award and it’s only given to those locations meeting strict guidelines for performance, leadership, quality, and overall action in furthering the A.C.W.A. organization. We look forward to the continued growth of this branch location!

Gear: Bryan M. was in attendance for not only the Conference, but to raise the awareness that www.ACWAGEAR.com is open to all academy instructors who need gear for their classes.  No need to buy in bulk to get your costs down, let ACWAGEAR give you the best deals on all your training needs for your combatives program.


Training Training Training: From 2-5pm then we covered a good mix of ambush, attack and awareness drills. We went into some knife mechanics as well as some third party protection training that we don’t often have time to cover.  We trained some seated mechanics and take-downs in confined spaces as well as an introduction to the Tomahawk.  The event concluded with a group Gauntlet drill!


It was great to see everyone!


Train hard, stay safe,


Founder & CEO

A.C.W.A. Combatives



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