Two More Training Video’s Dealing WIth Multiple Attackers

Two new training videos:

Video # 1 – Here you can see me using the supported spearing elbow to deal with the two opponents. I’m being very defensive here for the most part to simply illustrate how the cover mechanic can keep you safe.  The guys started to be reluctant to really hold me here as you can see since they were getting some playful yet solid elbows in their sternums.  Another item to note here is that I’m using the wall to cover my back.  In A.C.W.A. Combatives we view the wall as positive thing, we view it as our friend, as with it there we do not have to deal with anyone surprising us from behind.


Video# 2 – Here 3 Instructors in training drill (at moderate speed) a multidimensional hammer fist, elbow strike combo.  Again we filmed and trained this outside to show that you not only need to train inside, but also in a less controlled environment.


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