New Sample A.C.W.A. Combatives Video Released – The Horizontal Face Rake

Real physical confrontations are littered with awkward angles and non-ideal positions. With that understanding, A.C.W.A. Combatives uses a few unorthodox tools to deal with these angles and the “Horizontal Face Rake” is one of them. This push pull motion essentially drives the opponent in one direction while raking the face at the same time. This can be utilized at very low levels of force or can be cranked up to 10 if the situation warrants.

I’ll often use this type of movement when dealing with multiple attackers when I need to give one of them something to think about while I address a secondary threat. This is just one of several tools you need in your combative tool box.

This clip was taken from one of our Instructor Training Program (ITP) sessions in Feb 2014

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