Self Defense Tip # 1 – Safety is about layers

Safety is about layers!

Safety is about layers. You need to have multiple means of protection to keep yourself safe. Lock your doors, set your alarms, get physical training as well as mental training. Be like an onion and have layers not the apple which has only 1. Only in doing this can you be assured you’ve covered all your bases to the best of your ability.

Safety is about layers!

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ACWA Live Seminar Cover Crash Counter Attack 2


ACWA Live Seminar Cover Crash Counter Attack 2

Cover Crash Counter Attack 2

Cover, Crash, Counter-Attack 2 is the 2nd Live Seminar filmed at THE STUDIO night club in Lafayette, Louisiana. The Fence, Cover mechanics, crashing, universal primal fears, choke defense, back against wall defense, arm drag mechanics, throws and transitional take downs are all covered in this video. Filmed live with people just like you.  Run time: ~ 1 hour 11 min, size: 751 Mb., format: .mp4

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