Urban Escape And Evasion Class – Oct 3rd and 4th

Urban E&E

Urban Escape And Evasion Class

  • You think someone is following you, now what?
  • Your a victim of a Home Invasion, now what?
  • Your handcuffed and thrown in trunk, now what?

I seem to hear more and more about this all the freaking time, so let’s do something about it!Urban E&E

Day 1 – Education
- Coping with panic and fear responses
- Mindset and playing to win
- Methods to build rapport (to buy you time)
- Getting around locks
- Modern security issues
- Escape from illegal restraints, handcuffs, zip ties, etc…
- The Car Trunk Challenge
- Movement in an urban environment
- The Gray Man Protocol
- Every Day Carry concepts

Day 2 – Application
On your second day, we will put your new skills to the test with a real-life scenario. You will receive a brief about the day’s scenario and objectives. The day then begins with you being mock “kidnapped”; hooded, hands bound and questioned. You’ll then be transported a few blocks from base camp in some direction and dropped off. You will be expected to escape your restraints, figure out your location and make your way to an assigned location noted in the morning brief to gather information without getting caught. We have trackers who have your photo with them, but you don’t get to know who they are or how many there are! They will be looking for you and reporting back to base. Time to blend in, change clothes (because we give you a BRIGHT YELLOW shirt to wear so we can find you easily, so your going to want to ditch that some how), get food, but don’t be seen or found as if the trackers find you they will bring you back to the drop off point and you’ll have to start over again. Once your mission goals are achieved you will come back to a rendezvous point for debrief and review.Early bird prices in effect NOW and space is limited!

For more information or to sign up, visit: www.UrbanEscapeAndEvasion.com
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