Start Training Today and stop visiting the “Someday Isle”

Train today, not someday!

This poem is by Denis Waitley – It’s called “Someday Isle” as pronounced “someday I’ll”. It’s what comes to my mind when people tell me that someday they will be fit, someday they will train, someday they will learn to defend themselves. DO NOT PUT THINGS OFF TILL SOMEDAY, because what if TOMORROW is the day you need those skills? Take action today!

Someday IsleTrain today, not someday!

There is an Island fantasy called “Someday Isle” I’ll never see;
Recession stops, inflation ceases,
My mortgage is paid and my pay increases;

Someday I’ll where problems end
Every piece of mail is from a friend;

The children are sweet and alreadly grown
Where all the other countries can go it alone;

We all retire at forty-one
playing backgammon in the island sun

HAPPINESS cannot be sought
It can’t be owned, it can’t be bought;

Where you are right here, right now,
pushing the pencil or pushin’ the plow.

Life’s most important revelation
is that happiness is the journey
as least as much as the destination.

It’s knockin’ on doors and makin’ your calls
it’s getting back up after your falls

It’s going to school and standing in line
It’s tasting defeat. And tasting the wine

I’ve been trudging through life
going mile after mile,
but I’ll never set foot on Someday Isle

I’ve paid all my dues and put in my time
and out of nowhere… another Mount Everest to climb;

I’ve decided today to make it my vow
to take someday Isle and make it … NOW!

The smallest journey begins with a single step so don’t put off for tomorrow, next week or next year what you can start today!

Train hard, stay safe,


Founder & CEO

A.C.W.A. Combatives


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