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The Masks We All Wear & Self Defense


girl-with-maskWe all wear masks in that we all play different characters in our lives. To different people we are different things.  To our kids we are parents, to employers we are workers, to friends we are friends, to dogs we are their owners, to cats….well to cats we are the cat’s property (if you have a cat you understand). This is to say that to different people we have slightly different personas.  We don’t treat our bosses like we do our cats, and vice versa.

A persona, in the word’s everyday usage, is a social role or a character played by an actor. The word is derived from Latin, where it originally referred to a theatrical mask.  Its meaning in the latter Roman period changed to indicate a “character” of a theatrical performance or court of law.

It’s only natural that you have different personality layers though for different parts of your life. You have easily and automatically generated and developed most of these quite unconsciously and implement them flawlessly every day, never really thinking about it. Sometimes we do think about it though and put on a “game face” as they call it, to hide behind, to prevent others from seeing who we are or what we fear.  This tells us though that we can both then both automatically and intentional generate these persona’s and switch between them at will. This is a great tool to have and one that bears further investigation.

So what’s your personal defense persona? Do you have one? Why not? Most likely no one has ever talked to you about this, yet it’s very very key to your personal safety. Like all other persona’s you need to be you but a certain kind of you in a self-defense situation. A version of you WHO CAN DEAL with situations that may require verbal or physical responses to a real threat. This is both mindset and tactic’s, something that we concentrate on here at the A.C.W.A.  If you’re not training with this in mind, if you’re not communicating to an opponent on both a physical and psychological level you’re not having the effect you could.

If you train already somewhere, ask your instructors to cover this type of materials, ask them how to create a persona that CAN DEAL with violence even if it freaks out the “normal you”.  This is very possible and can be done by anyone as you already do it, you just need to be taught how to INTENTIONALLY do it with a direct purpose in mind.

There are many layers to your personality and they are there for a reason, consider adding one more, one that keeps the others safe. One that can be taken out of a box when needed, used and then put back when it’s not. It may save you one day to have this tool so I encourage you all to really look into this or give us a call and we can get you started in the A.C.W.A. program and help you develop this life saving tool.

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