Tactical Applications Program (T.A.P.) Announced

ACWA Tactical Firearms Applications

Announcing the new

A.C.W.A. Tactical Applications Program (T.A.P.)

ACWA Tactical Firearms Applications


Time to take your dry fire training to a new level!  If your looking for a fun way to get that extra practice in then this is what your looking for.  We will be using a professional training gun (feels like a Glock 17)  for this that fires a green laser so you can see where you hit as well as implementing some new software that tracks your hits and projects them on a screen for feedback. It can time your shots and even call out random targets.

- Firearms safety
- How and why the firearm functions as it does
- Fundamentals of shooting
- Safe handling and movement drills
- Stance, presentation, and grip
- Proper drawing & presentation of the firearm
- Instinctive point shooting
- Shooting from different positions
- High volume dry fire drills
- Drawing under stress
- Drawing from concealment
- Shooting around barriers
- Reloading
- Dynamic movement

Want in?
Contact us ASAP as there is limited space. We will start to hold these workshops once each month on Sunday afternoons (normally around the first Sunday of each month) from 1-3pm and go though new drills and information each time to help build your skill sets and hone your instincts! Each class will cover different materials!


Website: http://www.combativewarriorarts.com/tactical_applications_program.html


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