What are you really saying to others?


Body Language (What are you really saying to others?)

Introduction – The majority of communication we make as humans has little to do with the words we say and everything to do with how we say those words. This ”how” includes both tone of voice and body language.  In this document, we will be looking at body language and how posture alone can single you out as a target for a predator looking for an easy mark.aorb

Posture – A simple thing like how we stand or sit communicates a great deal about our own mindset to others around us.  A basic example of this is the characters given in the image to the right. Here we see two stick figures, one labeled A and the other B.  Which of the stick figures here would appear to make a better target in the eyes of an attacker? Most people would answer that Figure B would make the better target. Figure B has very bad posture and a lack of awareness. Figure B is looking down, seems depressed, and is likely internally preoccupied with his or her own issues. Figure A looks stronger, happy or proud, and is likely looking around and aware of the external world. It would be hard to surprise person A, but easy to get the jump on person B.

What are you saying to others – With all things being equal in this image, we can still draw a conclusion as to which figure is a better target.  There was no sex, age, clothing, or any other indicators to single out Figure B. We can make a judgment though based on body position alone as to which figure is more likely to be selected by an attacker.  You, of course, are giving off much more information than this. Time to look at yourself now and determine what YOU are saying to others that you might be aware of.  Have you ever thought about it? I assure you those who would do you harm have, and they ARE paying attention to the unstated communications you’re displaying.

Building better habits – Most of us sit, stand, and move without conscious thought. We either learned this from others or got used to certain habits being correct in different situations. What I challenge you to do now is to examine these habits. See what you’re really saying with your body and if you’re setting yourself in a “victor” position or a “victim” one.  Do this right and you remove yourself from the population that looks like an easy target.  While it may seem minor, if done correctly, body position can change others’ perceptions of you. This translates into more confidence and power in all aspects of your life. So if sitting or standing a certain way changes perceptions and can keep you safer, why don’t more people do it? We often wonder the same thing.

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