Making you more DANGEROUS to those who would try to harm you


11Those who would try to harm us do not often want an audience (witnesses) nor to make your job of defending their assault an easy one.  With that, they select areas with the least visibility, least number of people and least escape routes for you.  This means that seldom will we have the physical space we need to move or generate the power we want.  In these situations, traditional and or conventional  “martial arts” are less than ideal, there is just no room for big, showy or flashy movements.  Try dealing with an attack in a stair well or elevator with a spin kick and you will soon see what I mean…Epic Fail.

What you need are Extreme Close Quarters (ECQ) tools in your self defense arsenal…which amounts to what some call “Dirty Fighting”, but I like to think of it as “Winning”.   These ECQ tools are smaller movements (ripping, tearing, grabbing, etc) that when combined, provide you the ability to create space so that your able to get back to your PRIMARY TOOLS OF IMPACT and eventually extricate yourself from the situation all together.  It’s very unfortunate that ECQ tools are seldom taught in self defense classes these days. To many people assume they have a ton of space like they do in their spacious gyms and dojos, that’s just not how it is though, we don’t get to pick when or where we have to defend ourselves.  If we knew when and where, we would have just simply avoided that area in the first place. 

If your art, style or set of experiences are not equipping you with these types of Extreme Close Quarters tools, then start to supplement your training.  It’s time to close a major gap and make you more DANGEROUS to those who would try to harm you.

Ok, that’s all for now, train hard, stay safe,

Justin J. Everman



A.C.W.A. Founder

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FamilyOften in A.C.W.A. we talk about different types of communication, both verbal and nonverbal. In this case we are going to look at the nonverbal and more specifically, the personal  visual indicators we present to the world.  These visual indicators don’t have to be things on us, like clothing, they extend to our personal property.  By extension of this, even the car we drive says things about us, but do you know what it’s saying?

I’m not talking about having a nice auto and flaunting it, I’m talking about something that’s a lot more mundane.  In this blog I’d like you to consider the potential risks of  “family member stickers” on your windows…..yea I know, no one says stuff like this to you, but that’s why you read our blog, it makes you think…..  Anyhow, the image above is of a car’s back window, you can see a Dad, a Mom, 2 kids(likely in grade school) and a younger child + 3 dogs.  So….what are you giving away by telling the world this?

Well you have a family and those members have things to do, go to work, school, shopping, daycare, etc….how could someone looking to break in to your home use this information, have you thought about that?   It’s not fully useful by itself, but added to a few other facts, it becomes something that we just don’t want people to know.

But it shows I have dog’s you say…..sure you have some dogs, probably smaller ones though as the type of people with pit-bulls do not normally put images of small silly dogs on their cars.  What if you don’t have any dogs on your car though, does that tell the world you have no animals to contend with at all? Just something to consider.

How can all this be used…well there are many ways and since I am not in the habit of giving information like this out on the net to give criminals any ideas I’ll stop here. Just know that putting info about who you are on your car window is advertising and it’s talking to the wrong audience. It’s speaking to those who would take advantage of you when you least expect it.

Part of personal security is to make yourself a hard target, not to give away your hand or let to much of who you are and your personal responsibilities fall into the hands of random people.  Your personal matters are just that and to publish your internal household occupants on a car window might just not be the best decision.

Ok, that’s all for now….stay safe….

Justin J. Everman



A.C.W.A. Founder

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Unlocking Your Potential – Time to Get Out of YOUR OWN WAY

Gold Key Opening a Gold Lock (with Clipping Path)

Gold Key Opening a Gold Lock (with Clipping Path)

I get this question quite often from new students:

“Can you teach me to move naturally like you do?”

By this question alone, I see they are missing the key concept to movement, they are looking externally for that which comes from within.  What?  Ok here goes, wrap your head around this……..I don’t have to teach you movement, you know movement, from day 1 of your life you have been moving. When you were a baby you moved, crawled and rolled all over and did so constantly. As a small child you ran and jumped and probably smashed into stuff, most of which you were really never taught, you were just playing. Now that your grown up, what I need to teach you is not how to move, but instead how to remove those barriers you have put in place that prevents you from moving!

These may be mental or physical constraints that you have imposed either knowingly or unknowingly over the years that are getting in your way. Mentally, fear, life experiences, negative reinforcement and just general clutter fills our brains. Physically we may have injuries, bad habits, be over weight, have less than ideal strength or stamina, etc…  It’s these things though that are stopping you from realizing your full potential, your real options, your ability to see with clarity that which is right in front of you!  The cool thing is, once we realize this, we can start to do something about it.

My mission and that of the A.C.W.A. is to help you realize your fears & barriers in life and systematically remove them so you can once again return to the freedom you had when you were young.  We use the vehicle of self defense to travel this road as it evokes a no-nonsense understanding of ones self (and real and imagined limitations).   When you travel this route you will see things and be able to move in ways that you had forgotten possible!  It’s these “light bulb” moments that make you realize what you’ve been missing and start to show you your real potential. Nothing mystical about it, it’s just bio-mechanics coupled with combative psychology and that’s exactly why what we do at the A.C.W.A. works for everyone. Join us and unlock the real you by letting us show you how to get out of YOUR OWN WAY!

Remember, movement is the first defense, when we have that, all things become possible.

You can do it, we can help….click here if you want our contact info ;-)

’till next time, stay safe,

Justin J. Everman



A.C.W.A. Founder

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5 Safety tips to keep you safer – TXA21 Interview with Justin Everman.

The A.C.W.A. was on TXA Channel 21 this AM addressing some BASIC self defense and safety tips that everyone should know.  In this I go over a few ideas regarding balance, use of water bottles and mention the correct use of your keys, which I blogged about last week, so click here for more on that particular topic. Ok, enjoy:

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Stay safe,
Justin J. Everman


Founder, A.C.W.A.

Avoid This Common Women’s Self Defense Suggestion (it will break YOUR fingers).


wrongwaytoholdkeysI do my share of women’s self defense seminars and I always take a survey of the audience about if they have been told, have heard or have seen on TV,  that in a self defense situation your supposed to put your keys BETWEEN??? your fingers and strike the attacker. An overwhelming majority of women say “yes I know that” and that is exactly the problem, let me explain… I go on to ask if anyone has ever tried to strike a hard object with their keys like that, or perhaps would be willing to punch a solid floor like that at full speed, the response, no one had either tried it or thus far has been willing to take my challenge.  It seems that we know inherently that this is a bad idea and are unwilling to take “the concrete challenge” because when we are forced to really think about the outcome, it ends with injury to us. If this is the case, then why would anyone ever even think about doing this sort of thing to defend themselves. If your not willing to test it in safe controlled conditions how would you ever be able to do it under stress?  I could go on, but lets just look at a few reasons why keys between fingers are a bad idea and then we will give you the RIGHT way to use your keys if you want to implement them as a tool for self defense. Sound like a plan? Good let’s get to it.

Reasons you should NOT put keys between my fingers:

1) It takes time – You have milliseconds and under stress  the adrenal dump makes it very hard to do fine motor skill movements like putting things between fingers.

2) If you hit something it will likely break your fingers – Do this simple test put two keys between your fingers and then grab the sharp ends and try to touch them together. Do you see how this makes for a virtual vice grip on your finger. This is what happens when you punch or strike a solid object and often the result is that you actually break your own fingers in the process. For the amount of damage keys do to the attacker, its just not worth breaking your own fingers for.  The keys held this matter just don’t impact with enough force, sure they rake if you get a shot in, but that’s seldom enough to dissuade a determined assault.

What you should do….use a hammer grippropperkeyuse

If your going to use your keys in a self defense situation, use the hammer grip. Hold your keys so that the keys and key fob stick out top and bottom and no keys are between your fingers.  Just grab the keys and hammer away at the bad guy relentlessly without fear of breaking your own fingers in the process….in confidence comes power. The green circle here shows what TO DO, note I have a hard object on one end, this can be anything. I have a knife, but it’s closed so it’s just a hunk of metal, but honestly this can be anything at all you like, from a wood cross to some ornamental car emblem fob, just something that’s a bit more linear than round so it fits in the hand and your good to go.

Reasons you should hold keys in a hammer grip for self defense:

1) It’s FAST – Using a hammer grip is fast and is know as a “Gross Motor” skill. These skills do not break down under stress, its just how you would grab your keys. Also something to note here is that I can lock or unlock the card by remote or hit the panic button in this orientation (makes a hell of a lot of noise that way) so they are ready if they are needed, no prep time required.

2) It’s safe  – In a hammer grip with keys and key chain/fob on top and bottom, there are no qualms about smashing either side into the floor. This method passes my “concrete challenge” as since it’s in a hammer fist grip there won’t be any damage to the fist or fingers.

3) It has more power – When you use this grip your able to strike with your entire body as well as use gravity to help you out.  Hammering in this motion is fast, hard to stop and brings to bear all your power in the strike. We are hitting with “all of us” + gravity,  not just with the arms here.  In fact the power is actually concentrated into succinct impact points.


Ok, well that’s it for me for now,

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Stay safe,
Justin J. Everman



Founder, A.C.W.A.

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